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Response times ok at the RB but not ok at its client

Fri Aug 19, 2016 12:41 am

RB is autenticating through PPPOE to a DSL MODEM in bridge mode, and NATing to my internal LAN. Whenever I ask the RB to tracert a domain it works properly but when the tracert is performed by the client, the response times of the points between the RB and the destination are huge. Strangely, the destination's response time is ok. Thats causing me some problem playing games once Im getting 400ms to servers that I get usually 50ms. If I remove the RB and authenticate at the MODEM straight from my PC, the response times works correctly.

The RB is a RB750GL and the memory and CPU at the moment of the printscreen are at 42mb and 30%, respectively.

The RB does nothing but to NAT the connection, no extra configurations. I can post them here if you guys think its needed to find out the cause of my problem.
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