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Port VLAN assignment and routing

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2016 8:46 pm
by Demonwolf

I've recently got handed a Mikrotik RouterBOARD 750 and now need to install it into our network.

We have a separate VLAN for our voice systems throughout our network. Our switches handle the tagged traffic just fine... Up to a point... They don't do inter-VLAN routing on their own and need a L3 router to do it. Now I have managed to get the Mikrotik to handle inter-VLAN routing without an issue, the issue I am having now is that the Mikrotik is supposed to replace our current L3 switch (Which is failing) and I'm not exactly sure on the terminology changes.

Currently, the PBX is on the L3 switch and has the 2 ports it uses (Incoming from external fibre and then the other leads to the physical PBX) set with a "PVID" that is the same as a VLAN tag. From what I understand, it is not VLAN aware which is why it was done this way.

I feel like I should add what I want my configuration to look like at the end.
Mikrotik Port 1 - Connected to fibre internet data connection
Mikrotik Port 2 - Connected to internal network for internet, inter-VLAN routing and DHCP Relay for all VLANs.
Mikrotik Port 3 - Nothing connected
Mikrotik Port 4 - Connected to fibre voice data connection (VLAN8?)
Mikrotik Port 5 - Connected to PBX (VLAN8?)

How do I do the same on a Mikrotik?

Re: Port VLAN assignment and routing

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:13 pm
by tr00g33k
If i understand correctly you recive tagged vlan 8 on port 1
interface vlan add vlan-id=8 interface=ether1 name=VoIP-Vlan8
and then you want to create access port on ether4 and ether5.

For that you create additional bridge
interface bridge add name=AccessBridgeVlan8 
and add ports to that bridge
interface bridge port add bridge=AccessBridgeVlan8 interface=ether4
interface bridge port add bridge=AccessBridgeVlan8 interface=ether5
interface bridge port add bridge=AccessBridgeVlan8 interface=VoIP-Vlan8
With this setup, you recive tagged vlan8 on interface 1 and make vlan8 untagged on ether4 and ether5.

Re: Port VLAN assignment and routing

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 5:54 am
by Demonwolf
This sounds promising.

I thought this was what I had to do, but was not entirely sure.

I'll put it to the test later today and reply here if it works