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Script needed for turning CRS-226 in 3 seperate switches

Sat Feb 18, 2017 5:51 pm

I had planned to do some Mikrotik research this weekend to turn a stock CRS-226 into 3 separate switches:

- Switch 1 having ports sfp-sfplus1, eth1..eth8
- Switch 2 having ports sfplus2, eth9..eth15
- Switch 3 having ports eth16..eth23

DHCP clients on sfp-plus1, eth1, sfplus2, eth9, eth16 so I can switch between CAT / optic cable and still get access.

I won't get my mind into "Mikrotik mode" deep enough, as I just spent ~20 hours with my mentally retarded brother at the ER and trauma-care as he fell from his bicycle, broke most of his face, needs to stay with us for a while and has like 10 doctors appointments the next 2 weeks. My mind is a bit overflown.

So any basic ideas to get this working would be much appreciated.

The reason I want the script is that in 10 days, is going to install some IoT enabled Tesla-WALL like equipment I want to be in the IoT section of the network so I need to split my current CRS-226 into multiple parts.

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