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Beginner's VPN question - MT to MT

Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:25 pm

I have MT in office as main router (
I need to give outside person access to our VOIP server (
I got small hAP router.

Here is what I want to happen:
- User will connect router to internet
- Router will auto-connect to our network
- Phone will be connected to router and will register with our PBX

1. What kind of VPN/tunnel is the best for what I want? Lightest/fastest with full obfuscation of traffic so we don't have any NAT issues, etc.
2. How do I make sure that this user will not have access to anything in our network but this PBX server?
3. I want to be able to connect to both router and phone on other end (manage router settings and provision phone/settings) from inside our office

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