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Root Path Cost

Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:59 pm

Here is my issue

I have a few RB912 running 6.35.4 They all had a standard bridge set up with just the default values IE add bride Ok add ports ether1 ok add port wlan1 ok and the bridge works.
All of a sudden the bridge stopped functioning. I could still see everyone connected to the AP but could not log into any of their antennas and they could not get online.

I noticed the "root path cost" which normally had no value........... had a value of 200......... so I took the ether1 port which had a designation of "root port" and changed the "Edge Value" to yes from auto and it started to work again.

So what is the root path cost? How is it determined?(ie: what is it measuring, is it milliseconds, packets what does it measure to get the root path cost) and why did changing edge to yes from auto fix this.

And why oh why did it just happen all of the sudden on 4 different RB 912 set in AP mode I have over 100 RB 912 deployed and only these four out of the blue developed this problem

Is the "path" the path to the next device in the dataflow?
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Re: Root Path Cost

Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:44 am

It sounds like you are running OSPF??

This is more then a beginner question. I would restate the question with information on your routing configuration and post it in at least the General area if not the Forwarding Protocols area. That is where your routing experts will lurk.


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