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Dt. Telekom VDSL BNG & IPTV (igmp v3)

Sun Sep 17, 2017 4:45 pm


a few days ago German Telekom migrated us to BNG. Old VDSL used VLAN7 (PPPoE) for data and VLAN8 (DHCP3) for IPTV. New VDSL / BNG uses VLAN7 only for all services and it is believed that German Telekom now uses IGMP v3 SSM (but nobody seems to know exaclty). pfsense, opnsense, dd-wrt and ... only know how to handle IGMP v2/v3 without SSM, none of their proxies know how to handle SSM and IPTV for the new BNG. So, since a few days we are not able to receive IPTV anymore.

I read that RouterOS might be able to handle that. As far as I know what is needed is a IGMP v3 SSM-enabled proxy.

Is there anyone who can confirm that RouterOS does handle the new BNG with IPTV (Entertain v2) correctly? Maybe someone has a working configuration example?

(We have a setup that uses 2 lines ADSL and VDSL and used policy routing etc to route packets specifically in and out. It was really practical for us that IPTV came in via VLAN8.)

Thank you very much!
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Re: Dt. Telekom VDSL BNG & IPTV (igmp v3)

Tue Oct 16, 2018 8:40 pm

Did you find a solution?
I've the same issue at my place...


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Re: Dt. Telekom VDSL BNG & IPTV (igmp v3)

Wed Oct 17, 2018 1:54 pm

According to this manual entry SSM is supported.
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Re: Dt. Telekom VDSL BNG & IPTV (igmp v3)

Tue Feb 12, 2019 11:09 am

I would also like to know if there is a working solution. At the moment I'm running a FRITZ!Box 7590 which works okay on my VDSL250 Line with Telekom MagentaTV FB7590 connects via LAN to a Netgear GS105E-200PES, where the MR401 is plugged in.

But I would like to replace it with a Draytek Vigor 165 and a RB4011iGS+5HacQ2HnD-IN and an cAP ac at an other floor for Wifi only.

I already tried some unifi equipment, worked out to get IPTV up and running (with some tutorials) but when more traffic came to the network IPTV became a slide show.

Would be great to read a success story about Telekom MagentaTV and MikroTik (and a link on how to configure it).
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Re: Dt. Telekom VDSL BNG & IPTV (igmp v3)

Wed May 15, 2019 9:59 pm

Did you get this to work? I am in the exact same situation. Speedport -> Routerboard -> Netgear GS108E-100PES -> Receiver.

Telekom did send a new Receiver because they are changing their Infra (used to be a MR303 which is now unusable). This did work very for 4 years.
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Re: Dt. Telekom VDSL BNG & IPTV (igmp v3)

Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:24 pm

Hi, did anyone get MagentaTV to work with Vigor 165 and MikroTik Router?

Best regards,
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Re: Dt. Telekom VDSL BNG & IPTV (igmp v3)

Sun May 31, 2020 10:55 pm

I have a Draytek Vigor 130 and have MagentaTV. I am not sure if I have it working or I have the same issues here.

For the Moment the Draytek Vigor does also the VLAN7 and is configured as bridge. The Mikrotik Router does the PPPOE connection.

MagentaTV runs for about 10 Seconds and then it tells me the connection is too bad. :-( If I do a speedtest I get the full up and download speed I pay for.

Any idea?

Thanks Josef
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Re: Dt. Telekom VDSL BNG & IPTV (igmp v3)

Thu Jun 04, 2020 8:55 pm

Hallo Josef,

I am interested in this as well, as I am rebuilding my network to possibly get rid of the FritzBox or use it as a modem only.

There are some good descriptions around on how to achieve desired state with other vendors' equipment, e.g. here: ... y-gateway/

Did you check those ? The settings should somehow be transferable to the MT world.


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