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1st time RB3011 configuration

Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:44 pm

Hello guys,

Just got me a Mikrotik RB3011 and having a hard time configurate it.

I'm trying to get VLAN 101 (Internet) and VLAN 102 (IPTV) on eth1 (tagged/trunked) and then take them out on other ethernet ports.

Have done this once earlier before I bought the RB3011 just to see if it worked and it did, but the RB3011 is just to advanced for me so need some help :-)
Would appreciate if someone could write a "step-list" that I could follow.

My considerations/thoughts of what needs to be done, maybe..:
1. Remove default bridge? It says "S" and read that this is for "S"lave and that 9 ports are bridged from default config?
2. Maybe need to set MAC-address from my ISP modem to the SFP/eth1 port?
3. VLAN tagged 101 and 102 SFP (or just for test now eth1).
4 VLAN untagged 101 to a couple of eth ports and VLAN untagged 102 to a couple of eth ports.
5. DCHP Client, what to do here? I would like to be able to put static private addresses to my own machines/tabs/phones in the house, new/guests can have DHCP.
6. DNS do allow remote requests dns = yes?
7. Firewall, enough with default Mikrotik configuration.
8. NAT? (Know what it means but not the meaning of it)

Many questions, best regards!
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Re: 1st time RB3011 configuration

Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:46 pm

Here is something to get you started.

We create the bridges and vlan interfaces, then bridge them together.

Without a better explanation of the service you get from your ISP I can't help more. Do you have static (public) IP's? or do you get an IP from your ISP via DHCP?

/interface bridge
add name=bridge-vlan101
add name=bridge-vlan102

/interface vlan
add interface=sfp name=sfp-vlan101 vlan-id=101
add interface=sfp name=sfp-vlan102 vlan-id=102
add interface=ether1 name=ether1-vlan101 vlan-id=101
add interface=ether1 name=ether1-vlan102 vlan-id=102

/interface bridge port
add bridge=bridge-vlan101 interface=sfp-vlan101
add bridge=bridge-vlan102 interface=sfp-vlan102
add bridge=bridge-vlan101 interface=ether1-vlan101
add bridge=bridge-vlan102 interface=ether1-vlan102

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