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RB3011 how to bind all port together ?

Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:40 am

I need all ten RB3011 ports to act as a single switch

I can set port 2 to 5 as slave of port 1 and port 7 to 10 as slave of port 6 and create a bridge between port 1 and 6
Also I can assign each single port (with no master) to a single bridge.

What is the best ? other better solutions ?

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Re: RB3011 how to bind all port together ?

Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:47 am

With your current master-slave setup you can put ether1 and ether6 into a bridge. This will mean that ports 1-5 and 6-10 will switch to each other at full wire speed but anything going between the 2 switch banks will go through the CPU.

I would say a "better" solution would be to enter all ports individually with no master-slave into a bridge which although now will switch through CPU is going to release as part of 6.41 that the CPU will offload to hardware switching where it can.
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