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point to point wireless bridge setup

Fri Nov 17, 2017 4:49 pm

Attempting to use two RBSXT5nDr2 on firmware 6.40.5 to wirelessly bridge switches in two buildings using the web browser management page quick set "PTP Bridge CPE" on one and the quick set "PTP Bridge AP" on the other. Both devices are in the same room plugged into the same switch during setup until they get deployed. Each time the configuration is attempted management access is lost to both after making the selection and configuring each with their own private static ip address that is on the local /24 subnet all from the quick set screen. Winbox can still see the devices upon refresh but gives "ERROR: could not connect to ...". They can both be pinged on their new ip but neither winbox or browser login gets any response until they are factory reset and we start over. Suggestions for the right way to approach this are appreciated.
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Re: point to point wireless bridge setup

Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:53 pm

I suppose you connect them both with ethernet cables, program them and after a while, no connection, right? maybe at the same time parts of your LAN drop, too?
What i usually do is, ping (command prompt) both of them at the same time, program them and then remove one of the ethernet cables, if its still pinging the second AP you are ok. (remember, bridge is like having a cable too, so since you already have 2 cables AND bridge its like putting another cable to your switch, from port 1 to 2 for example!)

when you lose connectivity, just remove one cable and try pinging

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