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A simple setup with one router and one access point

Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:26 am


I've been using Mikrotik hAP ac router in my apartment for more than a year and it was enough to cover all the rooms, with slight coverage drop in a distant area from the router. A router has been operating in a Dual AP mode, but ultimately it was a DHCP Client from an ISP, and a router on the internal network to route requests from wireless and wired clients.

Now, as more neighboring WiFi's appeared, I felt a need to connect an access point to ensure coverage and connection stability around the apartment.

I've purchased a Mikrotik cAP ac access point and plugged it into a wired connection that connected it to a router via ethernet. Now I saw two standard open wireless networks appear, by connecting to which I was in my apartments network. By looking at the DHCP leases on main router WebFig, I was able to tell the IP access point has obtained while being in a default CEP mode, and could have connected to it. I switched it to a CAP mode, assuming it will pick up the config from my router by default and will start re-broadcasting the same wireless networks that were set up on the router, but that wasn't the case. in CAP mode I lost IP connectivity to WebFig of an AP, although I know the IP of the AP.

This got me realize that with Mikrotik Access points, there is no plug and play solutions for existing Mikrotik router networks. Could someone please point me to a tutorial, or provide a high-level step list I need to go through so that my access point gets the wireless config from Mikrotik router and just adds up to coverage of the same, seamless network. Thank you very much in advance.
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Re: A simple setup with one router and one access point

Tue Apr 03, 2018 10:26 am

Two options (as far as I know):

- Use Capsman
- Configure your cAP as accesspoint *)

*) Reset config with no default, create bridge and add all interfaces to this bridge (or switch), use DHCP client (for configuration options), configure wireless. That's about it.

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