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hi my regards to all and high 5 for your contributions to knowledge in this forum. From what I gathered here, I set up our hotspot with mikrotik rb 2011 (has 5 gigabit ports and 5 ethernet ports), and 3 access points : ubiquiti nano beam and 2 ubiquiti rockets m2. The hotspot is functional. However, I have two issues I need help on.
1. The 3 ubiquiti out-door radios are on the mast but the range in our campus scarcely reach 120 meters
2. I added a mikrotik rb 433 to the hotspot but it will not access internet
These are my configs
- RB2011: eth1wan:, gateway:, dns1: dns2:
- eth3-lan:, working just fine on hotspot
- hotspot is on bridge1:, ports: eth3 and wlan1. Hotspot is working well on rb 2011
- 1st Rocket m2: connected to D-Link (unmanaged) switch, doing well on the hotspot
- 2nd Rocket m2: connected to D-Link (unmanaged) switch, also working well on hotspot
- Nano beam: connected to D-Link (unmanaged) switch, aslo working well on hotspot
Just that these 3 ubiquiti radio signals don’t go far at all despite the fact that on the ADVANCED tab, I see considerable distances they can cover.
- RB433: eth1:, bridge1:, ports on bridge1 : eth1, wlan1, wlan2, wlan3.
RB433 is connected to the D-Link (unmanaged) switch as well,
however my problem is that the signal strength of the RB433 is unimaginably low that at times devices see only 1 bar on wlan1 and no bar at all on wlan2 and wlan3 though the 3 wlans are on same bridge
Note that the RB433 initially functioned well, sending signals and enhancing connectivity as far as 1000 meters away; but now even at 20 meters away, one scarcely connects.
I anxiously look forward to any help to resolve the dilemma. Thanks in anticipation
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Is this forum for real?
That despite the many pros in here, non can lend a hand!!! to my post

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