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AirPrint doesn't work

Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:45 pm

Hello everyone

I bought new Mikrotik hAP ac lite router. Upgraded firmware to last stable version 6.43.7. Setup router with Quick Set (other default setups give same results)

connect iPhone and printer Canon MF232w (what support AirPrint) to same wireless but iPhone can't find this printer.
Printer successfull connecting to wi-fi, getting IP from same subnet, I can ping printer, but can't print with AirPrint. AirPrint on printer works fine, becouse if I connect printer to other wi-fi router I can print from iPhone

Here is wireless settings

Here is my current export
/export hide-sensitive 
# jan/02/1970 00:33:32 by RouterOS 6.43.7
# software id = FA5Y-B7HN
# model = RouterBOARD 952Ui-5ac2nD
/interface bridge
add name=bridge1
/interface wireless
set [ find default-name=wlan1 ] country=ukraine disabled=no mode=ap-bridge \
    ssid=MTIK2 wireless-protocol=802.11
set [ find default-name=wlan2 ] country=ukraine disabled=no mode=ap-bridge \
    ssid=MTIK5 wireless-protocol=802.11
/interface list
add name=WAN
add name=LAN
/interface wireless security-profiles
set [ find default=yes ] authentication-types=wpa-psk,wpa2-psk mode=\
    dynamic-keys supplicant-identity=MikroTik
/ip hotspot profile
set [ find default=yes ] html-directory=flash/hotspot
/ip pool
add name=dhcp ranges=
/ip dhcp-server
add address-pool=dhcp disabled=no interface=bridge1 name=dhcp1
/interface bridge port
add bridge=bridge1 interface=ether2
add bridge=bridge1 interface=ether3
add bridge=bridge1 interface=ether4
add bridge=bridge1 interface=ether5
add bridge=bridge1 interface=wlan2
add bridge=bridge1 interface=wlan1
/interface list member
add interface=ether1 list=WAN
add interface=bridge1 list=LAN
/ip address
add address= interface=ether2 network=
/ip dhcp-client
add dhcp-options=hostname,clientid disabled=no interface=ether1
/ip dhcp-server network
add address= gateway= netmask=24
/ip firewall nat
add action=masquerade chain=srcnat out-interface-list=WAN
/ip upnp
set enabled=yes
/ip upnp interfaces
add interface=bridge1 type=internal
add interface=ether1 type=external

what I should do for enable AirPrint?
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