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Most efficient setup for a P2P link with LDF5s

Fri Dec 07, 2018 3:46 am

My cousin just recently granted me permission to hook me up to her internet. She receives her signal from a WISP who installed a Ubnt LiteBeam5 on her roof which runs into a switch and from there to a relatively cheap b/g/n router acting as her wireless AP for her home. I can hook up one LDF5 to the switch and another one to my work station at my place, running cables and mounting recycled dishes etc.

What would be the most efficient RouterOS setup to make this point to point link work well? These rules should apply:
- Relatively easy to set up with WebFig (preferably) or Winbox
- Maximum possible throughput between the two LDFs (I suppose this is more a question of radio alignment?)
- The bridge LDF should have a static IP to connect to the upstream network (
- The bridge LDFs wireless radio should send on a different network than upstream
- IPv6 should be enabled and handed down to the station LDF

I am writing this because I myself can accomplish a complete bridge as described in the MikroTik wiki article "Initial Configuration" with my very basic networking knowledge but I would like to separate networks and I see that there are a lot of MikroTik specific options when it comes to wireless protocols and security which may be suited well for this use case. Nv2 for example being one of them, although I don't think that it makes a lot of sense for a single point to point link, seeing that it's more designed for QoS and client management. To achieve this on my own the wiki is just way too complex at some points and way too scarce on others.

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