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Configure RB3011 to work with Comcast SB6183

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:12 pm
by winger
Does anyone have instructions on how to configure the RB3011 to work with my Comcast SB6183? I have a home connection, so don't have a static ip. Is it even possible to configure without a static ip?

Re: Configure RB3011 to work with Comcast SB6183

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2018 12:08 am
by anav
Need more details, I am assuming from the US whereas many here are in Europe or Asia.
More details on the comcast unit, what does it provide??

Re: Configure RB3011 to work with Comcast SB6183

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 3:30 pm
by proximus
Any Mikrotik router will work with any DOCSIS modem on Comcast. You don't need static IP.

The router will obtain IPv4/IPv6 addresses via DHCP. IPv4 is just plain vanilla DHCP. IPv6 is a bit more specific. Here is an example of what I use:
/ipv6 dhcp-client
add add-default-route=yes comment="WAN Cable Modem" interface=ether1-gateway pool-name=comcast-ipv6 prefix-hint=::/60 request=address,prefix use-peer-dns=yes

/ipv6 address
add address=::1 from-pool=comcast-ipv6 interface=ether2-lan
add address=::1 from-pool=comcast-ipv6 interface=ether3-dmz
Hint: When changing the device connected to a cable modem, you need to reboot it to clear the previous MAC address. Otherwise, you will never pull an IP address.

Re: Configure RB3011 to work with Comcast SB6183

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 5:20 pm
by winger
Thanks Proximus and anav. Here is a bit more information - the comcast unit is really the modem that I own and the ISP configured. Its essentially in bridge mode. I am currently using a Google Hub wireless router behind the modem to get internet access for the home devices. I intend to replace the Google Hub with the RB3011 and then have the Hub and another access point act provide wifi. I tried stepping through the first time setup instructions on the wiki but they dont seem to work. Any help you can provide would be awesome. I am new to this and so dont know what information I can provide to allow you to help me, please let me know what information you need.

Re: Configure RB3011 to work with Comcast SB6183

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 11:01 pm
by anav
So basically a standard modem setup.
update to latest firmware and then use winbox to setup.
First except the default setup to get it up and running with one pc and and an internet connection.
Then apply some security rules (such as creating a new user with password and deleting the admin user.).

Do everything in safe mode (near top of winbox menu once logged into the unit) and if you do something illegal and the router kicks you off you will be able to log back in to a state you were before invoking safe mode. So typically do a couple of steps. all good flash safe mode off and then back on and continue. ... our_Router

once you get to this stage, then state what requirements you have that are particular to your setup..

Re: Configure RB3011 to work with Comcast SB6183

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 11:05 pm
by Steveocee
Assuming Comcast work like most, you can connect a DHCP-client device to the modem and you're on the net. If so, reset the RB3011 to factory defaults and connect the modem to ether1.

Should get you up and running (providing they don't have any weird MAC timeout restrictions on the services) and then you can start to tinker to make it fit you.