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Simple Steps and trick for Mikrotik hotspot Setup.

Fri Dec 28, 2018 6:05 pm

Today,im going to share my knowledge to setup Hotspot server for free on Mikrotik Environment without additional hardware & software and Wireless AP's to work perfectly for all devices.
These are the basic steps you need to follow to get everything work fine .In the post i dont show you about other configuration but i will all the Necessary configuration to work hotspot magically.

First Configure you Internet-uplink (WAN) and so you can able to ping public network etc.

Make sure which interface is necessary for you to setup your hotspot server.It might be Physical Ethernet like:Ether,1,2,3..X OR Logial Ethernet like VLAN.If you want to use several Interface for Hotspot then simply make Bridge to them.But one thing keep in mind that you can't make same ethernet for both PPPOE-DHCP and Hotspot server at same time because DHCP cannot survive in that case

Now set an IP address for the interface in which you want to setup hotspot-server.
For Eg:
I want to set an ip address of then we can have - ip range and more then 4000 host can be served.
Note:Two IP address are now acceptable from the same subnet so, make sure that the interface is not in use by other.
For configuration Guidelines see the picture:

Make an IP pool for Hotspot server so that when any client's try to get into the Hotspot network then they get auto IP information from DHCP server .Make a pool according to your number of user.If many client are there or if the Hotspot is for Free then use /20,21 or <20 subnetting .If you dont want to add any-pool then mikrotik itself create a pool while hotspot setup process
See this picture as a guideline for this step .

Now go to IP>DNS tab to setup DNS IP so we dont have any DNS problem.Set the multiple DNS ip address of your Service provider or your own DNS server or you can use Open DNS like Google's etc.Uncheck allow remote request and cache max TTL to lower time Value so it frequently update Cname and IP's etc.
See this picture as a guideline for this step .

Now Its a time to Setup Hotspot server .
Go to ip>Hotspot>Servers then you can see hotspot setup Button click on that
Then do like this as shown in figure.
After successful setup you can now add additional server profile,user-profile and user accoring to your need
Server profile major work is to give login page a ip and name to pop-up /show captive portal page as well as you can select which Hotspot template you want to show fot that server.

Go to user-profile if you want to create addition profile then you can or if you want simply with default then open it and change as you wish.
For General
shared user: How many user can use the single username at a same time.
add Mac cookie and set the timeout==>which help the user to not login repeatedly once he login until the timeout period and not removed from active list by admin.
OPEN STATUS PAGE =Select HTTP-LOGIN if not then captive portal will not work all the time for all the devices.
Leave other as same ...
See this picture as a guideline for this step .

Now configure your access point or router into a bridge mode. and setup LAN ip address like etc but unique and gateway with subnet
Now set WLAN and give it a SSID.

Now Connect the AP LAN into your hotspot Interface connect to the SSID of the AP's
You will directly see the Captive Portal page or Signup info in the Connected WIFI just click on that and you can see Captive portal on Browser .Then use the hotspot username and password to enjoy the internet over Hotspot.

For Hotspot Page costomization download Hotspot folder from Mikrotik Using FTP .Edit it if you have basic HTML,CSS knowledge if not then
go to : like website for easy attractive template .Download the template and Upload it to Mikrotik Through FTP.
All Done!!!

Hope You like it if any question related to Mikrotik and other additional services like:hotspot/dude/userman then feel free to ask me.
I've been working for many free wifi hotspot project and for ISP,Enterprise Networking in Nepal so i have good knowledge on Mikrotik

Manohar Acharya
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