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Need Suggestion to configure MikroTik SXT Lite5

Sat Dec 29, 2018 5:29 pm

Hello everyone,

I have a wireless PPPoE internet connection. Till now I was not able to share my internet through Digisol router. I have tried all the possible configuration which I can get my hands on but ultimately I fail to configure it. I have asked my ISP for the help but their technician was not able to help me out with my problem. With lots of fail attempts, I finally made my mind to change my Digisol router [NOTE: I have also tried this configuration on D-Link routers]. I wanted to buy a decent Mikrotik specif wifi router which I can use to share my internet wirelessly in my home along with some LAN ports to connect with some LAN enable devices.

I have previously shared my problem on this forum so I am not sharing it in details here if anyone wants to help me out with my problem then he/she can refer to the following links for details -

One more thing if anyone got a detail beginner guide on configuring Mikrotik SXT Lite5 for PPPoE connection along with sharing the internet through wireless router than kindly share it with me. I would love to get suggestions from Digisol users who have been using it with there MikroTik devices.

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