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Mircast doesn't work with TV connected to ethernet but works on WiFI

Sat Dec 29, 2018 10:16 pm


I have a smart TV and I'm using Mircast to mirror the display of my phone and my laptop. The TV is connected via an ethernet cable and the devices I am using to connect to it are connected via WiFi.

With my previous router this worked just fine, but since I got a Mikrotik, I can't see the TV on the connection list at all. It's just not there.

However, this works if I connect the TV to WiFi and disable the cable connection, so with all devices on WiFi there is no problem. But I don't want to do this since the TV is near the router and I prefer to use a cable due to the higher bandwidth.

Do you have an idea what may be causing this ? Perhaps something with the bridge between ethernet and wifi ? Perhaps the TV broadcasts something on Ethernet and it's not being sent to WiFi devices ?

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