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Mikrotik RB952UI-5AC2ND - 5GHz network loses signal

Sun Dec 30, 2018 2:21 am

Hello, all! I bought Mikrotik RB952UI-5AC2ND router about a week ago. I've connected it to the internet and most of the stuff was set by itself. As I'm almost totally green in the matter of routers, networks etc I've just changed a few minor things (like passwords, network names, enabled NAT and UPnP<which I barely understand what they are to be honest>). I ended with 2 networks - 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (I suppose it's OK there are two) and switch between them manually if needed on a device I use (like phone or pc).

On two devices (not even the farthest ones from them all) 5GHz network losts connection from time to time. I thought that maybe because router chooses automatically its channels maybe this causes those disconnections. So I set the channels manually for both networks (usually those channels are not occupied, I've checked that by WiFi Analyzer; but I live in a block of flats so it still might happen). Nonethless, the issue appears to persist even though. The connection loss does not appear regullary, network might work for an hour and suddenly disconects some of the devices connected via WiFi (like a smartphone or PS4 console), sometimes DCs occur again after a couple of minutes after the first one.

What might be the cause? How can I fix that? I'm not even sure what should I have to serach for in Google to be honest...
I've attached some screenshots from the router panel and WiFi Analyzer, not sure which data were sensitive.. so.. I covered what appeared to be sensitive rather blindly... ;-)
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