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can not access to hAP trough winbox

Wed Jan 02, 2019 3:15 pm


Got idential 2 hAP, which are configured as PTP Bridge AP, and for one IP is: and for other is only difference is SSID names and router names are different.
To .220 I can connect with winbox or trough web browser without problems, but to .221 its not possible to connect not trough winbox and not trough web brouser.

I can't understand whats wrong because to one I can access without problems, bot for one no.

I tried to reset .221 several times and to reconfigure again, but still no success. Until You set Static IP, its not possible to access router. Internet and everything works well in same time.

p.s. sorry, im new to mikrotik routers, so its not so easy at a begining.

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