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subnets, wlans

Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:55 pm

This is my first post. I apologize for its length and my minimal knowledge. I have little networking experience.

I am doing genomic research. I chose to add a Mikrotik RB2011UiAS-RM to my home office network because I need to install a fairly powerful server to work on some large [.bam] files. I have configured the RB2011 well enough to have internet access for a set of about 6 Windows units, 1 Linux unit, and a Linux-based NAS. From the NAS, I operate a website, private email server, and some other WAN-accessed utilities. I want to keep these in a separate, but reachable subnet. I am having problems configuring that function. I also have currently 2 wlans, one of which is on the RB2011 subnet.

Current setup:
1) Bonded (i.e.; 2 copper-wire sets) DSL modem gateway (unfortunately this is the best ISP setup I can get) with 4 static Ip's (/30) bridged through to its LAN ports. No NAT. No firewall.

2) An ASUS router wired to modem LAN port #1, static WAN address, def. gateway, LAN address ISP's DNS servers. It has a integral wlan which serves several local devices (wireless light switches, car chargers, etc.) but so far only 1 of the Windows units. I use it for WAN-accessible functions setup on the Linux-based NAS because the rather complex port-forwarding rules are established there and on the ASUS, and I have not learned enough about port forwarding on the RB2011. Perhaps later for that.

3) The RB2011, wired to modem LAN port #2, static WAN address, def. gateway, LAN address Its own DNS server, + It serves most of the wired Windows units; After I got the RB2011 on WAN, and because I already had a PoE Unifi ap wired in to the LAN switch, I allowed the RB2011 to route a wlan access point. However, it is controlled by Ubiquiti's Java controller.

1) I want to connect Windows unit(s) on the (ASUS) subnet to the ones on the (RB2011) subnet and v.v.. I can reach the NAS from either subnet because it has multiple LAN ports, configurable to either. Curiously, I can also reach some, but not all, wlan devices wirelessly from either subnet's wlan. I tried to create a subnet link with a Linksys router, no NAT or firewall, static WAN addressed to the ASUS; static LAN addressed to a slave port either3 on the RB2011 designated static address Both /24 mask. For def gateway and network destinations on all the routers I tried every set of numbers I could think of but nothing worked. I could reach the Linksys from the RB2011 subnet but could not get through it to the ASUS or any of the lan devices in its subnet. From the ASUS, I could not even reach the Linksys. I also tried just connecting the ASUS and RB2011 directly in several ways. No joy. I'm sure there is a way to to this, with or without a 3rd router, but I need some help.

2) I would like to switch full control of the Unifi ap to the RB2011but have not figured out how to do it. The Mikrotik Wiki seems a bit out of date; its screen shots do not match either Winbox or Webfig wireless config screens. However, the ap itself works fine. I'd just like to get rid of Ubiquiti's Java controller, and have the RB2011 control this wlan so that it could take over all the wireless devices from the ASUS and I could turn off that wlan altogether.

Again, I am sorry to be so verbose and unknowledgeable. The RB2011 is a terrific piece of equipment and I have enjoyed working with it as far as I've gotten. But I've now been stuck for 10 days. I would be very grateful to anyone out there who can help. kn

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