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Dual WAN HELP: PPPOE + DHCP, Route Certain Clients to Certain ISP

Thu Jan 03, 2019 3:25 am

I have a RB3011 mikrotik router.

It is currently setup right now using the Quick Set option.
The connection is PPPOE.
I now have a second ISP and I would like to route certain traffic to certain ISP.
Ether1 is where the PPPOE connection is.
Ether10 is where the Second ISP is plug in. The modem/router from the ISP will provide IP to the Ether10.

Here's what I already did.
I already removed the Ether10 in the Bridge > Ports.
Save the config file for trial and error.

Next step:

Go to IP > DHCP Client > Add New > And choose this option. See screenshot.

Once I did this, a new entry was added on IP > Address List and on IP > Route List
I checked the modem router and it is giving IP address to the mikrotik.

Right now, I don't know if the connection in Ether10 is working or not. I'm not looking for load balancing right now or failover. I only want some clients on my network to use ISP2. This the part where I am lost. Most of the guide that I see is for load balancing or failover.

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