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DHCP request times out - but able to get DHCP Ip?

Fri Jan 04, 2019 4:55 am

I have a Mikrotik Routerboard Hap AC connected to my Pfsense router via a ethernet cable in AP bridge mode, then another Mikrotik Routerboard Hap AC acting as a station bridge (connected to the 5ghz Mikrotik AP)

I have a desktop and a server connected physically via ethernet to the Station Bridge mode Mikrotik.

What I dont understand: So everything that is wireless as well as wired connected to the Mikrotiks are able to get a DHCP lease and a IP (I see the DHCP lease on the Pfsense router dashboard).

But for some reason, my desktop, my server, and my laptop (that wirelessly connects to the Mikrotik that is in Ap bridge), all get this error when trying to renew IP

An error occurred while renewing interface Ethernet : unable to contact your DHCP server. Request has timed out.

It does not make sense as I am able to fully access the dhcp server (pfsense through all of the computers, so why isnt it able to renew its IP?

When I try to do this through a different non Mikrotik AP thats connected to the router, it is able to work fine. So my assumption is that this point I must have configured something incorrectly because the issue occurs only if I'm connected to a Mikrotik AP or a Mikrotik Station Bridge. Any suggestions?>

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