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Mikrotik - DLNA - NAS Synology

Sat Jan 05, 2019 2:12 pm


I have a problem with Mikrotik configuration. I'm trying to use DLNA in my LAN network to stream media from my NAS Synology to my both TVs.

Simple network diagram:

TV1/ [VLAN100] -------- Mikrotik --------- NAS/ [VLAN99]
TV2/ [VLAN100]---------|

NOTE: Traffic between vlans is blocked on Mikrotik firewall level. However, I added fw rule that allows traffic between and

Using information that I found, I have installed multicast package and enabled PIM then added LAN interfaces to PIM. Currently, I'm able to detect media content from NAS Synology in DLNA menu on both TVs. However, I'm not able to run any movie or music - I'm getting an error that media cannot be read. It works only for images. I'm wondering if I need to allow any additional traffic on Mikrotik firewall or configure more options in PIM.

Can someone help my understand what is the issue?

Thank you

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