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HELP - Replacing Router with CCR Cloud Mikrotik router

Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:09 pm


I have some VM router who do the Dot1Q takes the role of router. I want to remove VM and replace with Mikrotik Cloud Router 1036-2S+.
I have two SVI vlan 10 and 20 on the switch.

interface Vlan 10
ip address <--- VM router gateway
tagged Port-channel 1-20
no shutdown

interface Vlan 20 < --- In this vlan is a wide range of public IP who should I migrate.
no ip address
tagged Port-channel 1-20
no shutdown

ip route 212.200.xx.xx <--- this route goes throug vlan 10 to VM router interface

VM Router: interface 1 bridgevlan10 IP:
Interface 2 bridgevlan20 IP: 212.200.xx.254/24

I have to turn back the route as you see the configuration because my switch is Core Network and I have a transit with ISP.
I appriciate if you help me create this bridges, this migration is for Internet Access, so minimum outage in this migration is supposed to be done.

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