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Basic networking question

Tue Feb 05, 2019 5:08 pm

I have router board latest build as of today 2/5/19. I also have pfsense. On my pfsense I have one ethernet port with the ip address of On the other side of that ethernet cable I have connected to port5 on my routherboard. On the router board I have ether5 in a bridge and the bridge has an ip address of both device have set network as a /24 so the subnetmask is Why am I not able to ping the pfsense box from the router board? As a note in the router board I have another ethernet port set to that bridge with DCHP server setup so that the other port will receive an ip address within the network with a gateway of the pfsense ip address I am sure this is a simple answer as to why from the connected device or within the MikroTik router I can't ping pfsense.

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