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Suggestion!!!PPPoe limiting speed

Wed Feb 13, 2019 9:45 pm

Hello everyone
I need suggestion for limiting pppoe clients speed if one mikrotik cannot ping other 1
For example we have a mikrotik 1 and mikrotik 2 mikrotik 1 is directly attached to the main mikrotik and mikrotik 2 traffic goes through mikrotik 1
We have mikrotik 3 that is also connected to the main mikrotik but it also has route through mikrotik 2
So if mikrotik 1 and mikrotik 2 are already using 90percent of their capacity and mikrotik 3 traffic goes through the mikrotik 1 and mikrotik 2 so how can i limit all the pppoe clients to just minimum speed so traffic of mikrotik 3 can also go through it.
I asked in scripting section of forum but no has replied me yet. is there any suggestions how mostly wisp do this I am open to any ideas?

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