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[super noob] Attempting to reconfigure the internet set up on my Mikrotik device

Tue Feb 26, 2019 5:42 pm


I'm trying to change the configuration of our Mikrotik device to connect to the internet via a new ISP modem-router with new ISP.

I'm a total noob. So please take it easy on me. I was not the person to originally set up the network, so i'm attempting to learn as i go.

Our old ISP provided us with a static IP address via a telephone line.
We used their modem but the Mikrotik device was set up to handle the PPPOE handshake/connection. I believe the ISP modem-router was put in to modem only mode?
If i go in to our Mikrotik, i can see the configuration for this including credentials.

Our new ISP provides us with a static IP address via a fibre cable and coax into the building.
Looking in the settings of the ISP modem-router, it appears like it handles the PPPOE handshake/connection without our intervention.
I've talked to the ISP and because of the type of connection we have, we are not able to put the new modem-router into modem only mode. Supposedly we need a dynamic IP or multi-static IP to allow us to put it in to modem only mode.

The new ISP modem-router provides us with 5 ethernet ports. It has DHCP, and UPNP IGD, and WLAN.

If i connect a computer to one of the ethernet ports, i can access the internet without any issue.

So, what i would like to do is share the internet connection from an ethernet port of the new ISP modem-router with the Mikrotik and everything that's attached to it.

How do i go about doing this?

I'm guessitmate that the connection between the Mikrotik and the ISP modem-router should be on ethernet1/internet of the Mikrotik.

I've disabled the DHCP server and the IGD ( I believe this does the NAT side of the device?).

I've got an image to highlight everything i know about the network - I've attached an image to this submission.

I would like the DHCP and DNS servers to remain on the server (Windows 2008 R2).

I've tried for a number of hours to attempt to get this working from info/tutorials i can find on the internet but i'm just not getting anywhere :/

Would love some help/guidance please?

I've attached the config with the sensitive information removed
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Re: [super noob] Attempting to reconfigure the internet set up on my Mikrotik device

Mon Jan 13, 2020 2:10 pm

please i need help to reconfigure my mikrotik router 951 series. i configured it but it is only connection to just one device hence i decided to reconfigure it so it can be connected to more than one device. i reset the router using my software but could not access the ip address of the default configuration setting which is
please help me I'm stuck

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