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Looking for the right Mikrotik router.

Fri Mar 22, 2019 10:53 pm


Firstly, I apologize if this is the wrong forum to ask this question in. Please feel free to move it to a different section if need be.

I currently use an Eero mesh system at home and let it handle my routing. Due to a move to a new ISP next week, I need a router that lets me monitor network bandwidth usage: total as well as on a per device basis over a period of atleast 60 days.

The plan is to let the Mikrotik device handle the routing and us the Eero devices in bridged mode and let them handle the wireless AP's. I need no more than 4 ports on the router of which I use only 1 that goes to a gigabit switch.

Is there a Mikrotik router that will provide me network usage per device?

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