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Route traffic from one port via VPN - OpenVPN

Tue Mar 26, 2019 6:44 pm

Hi All:

I am using RB2011UiAS-IN routers running V6.44.1. I have configured a *bridged* OVPN Client at the "remote" site, and it connects to another RB2011 running OVPN Server at the "local" site. I need all traffic on remote eth10 to route through the VPN connection through to the local router. All other remote LAN traffic on eth2-eth9 should go out locally on eth1 gateway, and eth1 gateway should accept various incoming connections which are NATed to the local LAN on eth2-eth9.

Once the VPN is running, the host on remote eth10 works fine, and I can access it form the local LAN. But I cannot always connect with hosts on eth2-eth9 now when connecting directly to the remote via internet (although it sometimes works). I suspect this is a routing/gateway issue on the remote.

LAN mngt IP:
LAN network:
DHCP Server: (intended for eth2-eth9; but I can disable as most all hosts static)
bridge1: eth2 - eth9
OVPNbridge: eth10
Hosts likely have a gateway configuration of
All eth10 devices will be assigned a static IP address

LAN mngt IP:
LAN network:
DHCP server:

Obviously the remote LAN routing will have route ambiguities. How can I configure internet-bound LAN traffic on remote eth2-eth9 to go out locally, and accept incoming connections, while eth10 is going through the bridged VPN?

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