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LHG LTE Management Passthrough to Unifi USG Router

Sat Mar 30, 2019 8:53 pm

Hi all

I am a absolute beginner with both RouterOS and USG.. I am strugging to follow the steps on how I can access the LHG LTE via Web interface or Windox after setting up a LTE passthrough to the USG.

Can someone please help.

LHG LTE modem has been set to , LTE passthrough has been set to ether1, all LAN ports are bridged, (not sure i can need this)
USG ( connected and get WAN IP from LTE , so passthrough is working and I can get to the internet.

I cannnot access the LTE modem interface to perform any admin.

Please advise set by step on how i can solve this problem.

Thanks in advance

Thanks in advance

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