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I have been trying to configure one or the other, which is different at home than for the company I work for.

Here is a quick run down of what I have set up so you all can understand to better help me!

Virtual Mikrotik running on VirtualBox, behind my ISP router, so it is being NATed. My port forwards work for my web server from my ISP router, whether it be FTP, WWW, or SSH, they all work fine, and it all has internet access, as I do have a masquerade set up on the NAT portion of the firewall. My issue is, after turning on my PPTP server, I cannot get anything to connect. I have tried creating a customer profile linked to a specific pool just for VPN, I have tried the default profile, etc. But, it seems like nothing trying to connect with the VPN is even making it through to my mikrotik. I cant find any 100% answers on if I need ports forwarded, except for 1723 I think it was, and it is forwarded, and doesnt see, to be blocked by my ISP either. I just need some help, as I have only set up a VPN that functions on the same network, mostly so people at other locations have access to the same information at their main location where their servers are. Any help would be awesome!!!

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