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CAPsMAN with virtual AP

Thu May 23, 2019 3:02 pm

Dear Community,

its hard to send all config files because the net structre is very big meanwhile, hopefully someone could help without so we can make a generic topic out of it.
i have two mikrotik routers. One is MAIN, the other (ACCESS) is on an LAN /VLAN100 within MAIN.
I managed to get MAIN the CAPsMan manager and ACCESS linked to it.

But ACCESS can and has only one WIFI (WIFISHED) , and one virtual AP (WIFIIOT).

I managed to get WIFISHED via CAPSMAN and bridging to work, but now WIFIIOT is gone on ACCESS and is not available on MAIN.
I will be totally satisified if WIFIIOT will be acessible on MAIN or ACESS, but it has to be working!

I googled a lot and just found: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=131100&p=680852&hi ... an#p680852

Was now help for me... Can anyone send advice?

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Re: CAPsMAN with virtual AP

Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:17 pm


always physical wlan interfaces are the master interfaces. Depending on your wlan architecture you need to have as many configs, datapaths, security profiles etc as many SSIDs you have.
To physical interface you need to assign config and then create vitrtual interface pointing to master interface and assign different config.
This way you join to CAPsMAN all physical radios and create virtual to spread more than 1 SSID. Without provisioning master interface appears when CAP is being joined to controller.

Is that what you mean and want to achieve ?
Best Regards
Grzegorz Budny

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