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Connection tracking and VoWIFi

Fri May 31, 2019 1:42 pm

I am using VoWiFi service (voice over WiFi) at my mobile phone provider. Sometimes, when my phone loses connection with my WIFi at home (I am going out or change CAP when walking down- or upstairs, it can't reconnect to VoWiFi service again. I mean it can, but after some time. I just realized, that it connects immediately, when I remove connection from the tracking table (IP > Firewall > Connections). Is there any parameter that I could set up, so if the connection to VoWiFi is broken Mikrotik clears the table immediately? In my opinion that should solve the problem.
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Re: Connection tracking and VoWIFi

Fri May 31, 2019 11:03 pm

I don't know details about VoWiFi by your MNO, but 3GPP standard VoWiFi works over IPSEC connection between phone and MNO's IMS core network. Then it's up to phone's ability to reconnect (or possibly resume) IPSEC connection.

I don't see how firewall's connection tracking engine could possibly know that the IPSEC connection is broken before usual timers expire. It's not enough to detect (intermittent) loss of connectivity between phone and your WiFi network, you should probably know the phone's view of IPSEC connection state ...

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