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Mikrotik GrooveA 52 ac & hAP ac lite router

Sun Jun 02, 2019 3:08 am

Two problems I hope you will help with. This is a boat installation.
1. I can access the Groove with my laptop running Mint 18 via http and wine/winbox. It is set up CPE default IP I have set Netmask to
I can see about 100 routers around me. 30 or so are not broadcasting their SSID. My phone and laptop see the four marina SSID and I can connect to them. The Groove does not see them. I entered their security profiles manually and rescanned. They do not show up. I tried to connect to some of the non broadcast SSID without success. Can I get the marina SSID to show up on the Groove?

2. I have the hAP ac lite router setup as Home AP Dual with IP of Netmask is DHCP server range is - I can access the hAP with my laptop via http and wine/winbox. I must assign manually assign the addresses for wired connection. The router DHCP server assigns an IP - but the connection just hangs.

If I connect with my phone the DHCP server assigns an IP [not a typo] and I can access the Router OS @ I cannot access the Groove through this connection and pinging fails.

How do I setup a wired and wireless connection with the hAP and access the Groove?

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