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Route Traffic over 2 different LTE uplinks

Tue Jun 04, 2019 6:44 pm


I recently got myself a Mikrotik hAP Lite, I lost my mind when I saw all these options.
A neat tiny device for that money.

So the idea was, we have one metered LTE connection which is faster and one unmetered connection, to lets say youtube goes over the unmetered.
To save traffic.

The metered has its own Modem with comes in over WAN, in the Mikrotik, the other one is a 4G wifi hotspot.
I already connected to the other 4G modem on the wifi, which appears to have a registration with the Mikrotik already.

So I suspect that worked until there, now my issue is, I would need to get a DHCP client running on the wlan interface but It prevents me from doing it.
It gives me the this error message: Couldn't add New DHCP Client - can not run on slave interface.

Do I need to configure it static or is there a way to make it run over DHCP?
Before I add new static routes to put the youtube traffic over the unmetered I need get the network working to the Modem.

Any idea?

Thanks, Neoon

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