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i need to help

Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:49 pm


Hope every one is fine

I'm planning to start my Wi-Fi business sealing internet prepaid cards using mikrotik router system product

I need some help please and recommendation before I start my business.

At the first I want to start with five Wi-Fi repeaters 200-300 m range and one AP Wi-Fi

Can some one please recommend me what Wi-Fi repeaters brand should I buy also what AP Wi-Fi

I need to know what is compatible with mikrotik router
Please note all five Wi-Fi repeaters will be connected to the main AP without network cable

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Re: i need to help

Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:07 pm

what is your internet speed?
what is the distance between wired AP and repeaters ? do you have line of sight?
what is the number of clients you expect to connect on each AP?
what package you wish to provide to your customers?

the equipment choice will be very diffierent , depending all these things.
so far my recomendation is to get an consultant to design the system for you. works out cheaper in the long term. I have seeing it happening all the time. People trying to save on cost but ended up with unhappy customer and having to redo the work which should have been done right from the start...
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Re: i need to help

Thu Jun 13, 2019 12:01 am

You are asking very basic questions for someone starting a business that people will expect to be reliable and useful.
For starters you should provide a diagram with the layout of the area you plan to cover.
Where power can be supplied? where ethernet cabling can be provided? what line of sights you have in the area in case you need to use wifi to wifi connections?
Repeaters are usually terrible due to the approx 1/2 power loss (unless they come with two radios).
What kind of WIFI is already in the area or other interfering type sources?
What physical structures (walls and type of walls) are in the way?

There are many many variables at play here so its not s simple request.
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