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Vpn l2tp on Mikrotik for voip asterisk server UNREACHABLE 5060

Thu Jun 13, 2019 5:19 pm

I am using mikrotik router for express vpn config l2tp, for a call center that have one asterisk server on vpn network.
Every thing is going well but one day the asterisk carriers are go UNREACHABLE, can not be connected with voip provider port 5060.
sip show peers
carriervoip     5060         UNREACHABLE
If I disable the L2tp vpn all carriers will be connect.
I make some test and checking TORCH I notice that src IP of Voip provider is not going to my local asterisk or on my Dst vpn IP
But is go to my fist IPS router that is routing from to my mikrotik
And ip is IP of mikrotik on first ISP router that is take DHCP Client.

IP is the vpn is my lan
The vpn is ok and I access internet from different Ip from my vpv.
What can I do in this case?
Besause in another office with the same vpn config and mikrotik, asterisk is work ok.
Here is the config tha I setup on mikrotik


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