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ether1 "router on a stick" config

Sun Jun 16, 2019 2:20 am

I'm trying to replace an old PFsense box that doesn't have AES-NI with a new hAP-AC2. This is my first MikroTik device so please bear with me.

The PFsense box only has one ethernet port so it's configured as a "router on a stick." This would be the preferred setup for the hAP as I ultimately would like to have it connected with a single cable with passive PoE.

Currently I'm trunking vlan10 (lan-data), vlan15 (lan-voice), and vlan100 (wan) on port 48 of a Cisco 3650 to that PFsense box.

  • How would I configure the same trunk port setup on the hAP-AC2's ether1 port?

  • Also, how do I enable management access on ether1? It seems I can only reach the MikroTik on ports 2-5.

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