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Interconnecting two CRS324 through two different links

Sun Jun 16, 2019 5:11 pm


I'm about to install two CRS324 units in two buildings :one CRS324 in main building, one in secondary building.

Main building hosts two WAN connections while secondary building has none.

Both building can be interconnected through two different dedicated links:
- one made of a Wireless Wire Dish (expected > 500Mb/s throughput)
- one made of a pair of VDSL adapters (expected 50Mb/s throughput)

VDSL adapters work as pure layer1-layer2 devices (no IP).

An Active/Passive setup with Wireless Wire Dish being the preferred one would be OK for me.

How should I set this ?
Using RSTP and its priorities options ?
Bonding two Ethernet interfaces on each CRS324 ?
Something else ?

Best regards

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