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Torrent download too slow

Tue Jul 02, 2019 10:48 pm

Hello guys.

A newbie question, i have no doubt.

Everything is working like a charm, internet is fast, i get maximum speeds both on my PC and Wifi (70Mbit cable internet provider). I have no issues with connectivity whatsoever.
The problem appears when I try downloading something using torrent. It seems that the app struggles connecting to other peers, as the speed never passes 1-2MB in download, and it should be 7MB no problem (it does so instantly when my PC is connected straight to Cisco cable modem instead of Mikrotik).
I thought it might be inappropriately configured firewall in Mikrotik, so i disabled all rules, but the problem persists.
Note that I didn't open ports on Cisco, and I didn't open them on Mikrotik either. I have a private, not public nor static address.

My network:

CISCO EPC3925 cable modem (DHCP on, WIFI off, DMZ on) > Mikrotik RB941-2nD (DHCP on, wifi on, nat masquerade) > ether2 (home pc)
A simple guy too dumb for Mikrotik.

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