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Traffic Manupilation

Fri Jul 05, 2019 7:33 am

Good Day

I ran into a small problem can find my way around Mikrotik OS Terminal and WinBox mode but when come to some things i want to implement
still feel like a noob.

Hi all,

Here is my problem if someone could be as nice to give me few pointers.

RB 411 Antenna Bridge mode --> Switch --> Hap lite Ether1 = WAN1 = PPPOE1 want its traffic to go via ehter2 ---> WAN1 on RB2011 Ether10 = RB2011 WAN1
then Hap Lite Ether3 = WAN2 = PPPOE2 want its traffic to go via ether4 to WAN2 on RB2011 Ether9 = RB2011 WAN2

I already have bonding setup on the 2011 and have tried this setup with two Mikrotik Maps work like a charm i can direct with Firewall rules certain ips to use certain gateways
on RB2011 or when i dont specify range when i browse the RB2011 Bond my two WAN's on the RB2011 and give me double my package speed both packages is 2Mbps down and 1Mbps up so browsing gives me 4Mbps down and 2Mps up and works well for streaming to.

So i want to can the two Mikrotik Map's and setup 1 Mikrotik Hap Lite to do the PPPOE dialups on one router and pass PPPOE1 traffic to ehter2 and PPPOE2 traffic through ether4
in theory the RB2011 should still do the bonding and routing as long as it receives the traffic right from the Mikrotik Hap Lite

Any suggestions as i tried and fooled around with methods and scripts examples but ran into a complete writers block.

Please give me some advice. Thanks ahead!!!

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