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Connect Netgear with Tomato as additional AP

Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:13 pm

I'm new here. Previously I had Asus RT-AC58U as my main router which provide also WiFi at first floor and additionally I have Netgear router with Tomato which operates like a AP for ground floor.

Now I've switched Asus to Mikrotik hap ac2 as my main router, I was managed to configure most things that I wanted but I have one problem, I can't see (IP / DHCP Server / Leases) devices which are connected to guest WiFi (virtual Wireless) which is called "wifis". In Tomato you have to create Virtual Wireless to have "guest" or any additional WiFi network and this network has different IP. So my main IP pool is but "wifis" use pool I would like to have all devices with my main IP Pool ( and also that they would be visible in IP / DHCP Server / Leases. I can't remember how I set this at Asus/Netgear that even though devices at ground floor were connected to "wifis" and at Netgear they had IP but at Asus they were visible as

- devices connected to "wifis" have internet and local network access.
- in MT I have all ports are bridged and Netgear is connected to one of the eth ports

Thank you.

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