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Multiple vlans and 2 servers

Tue Jul 30, 2019 7:17 pm


I'm planning to have about 4-5 vlans on our office : office with new operating systems, old xp (few with win 95 (i know, please don't laugh) computers with industrial stuff that i can't upgrade and i want to be isolated from everything except one fileserver, some old equipments, vlan x, y, z. Almost all devices shares one /24 ip class (at least for the moment).
From the Mikrotik forum i understand how to configure vlans on mikrotik switches and isolate the devices based on my policy but how does the fileserver fits in and "talk" with everyone ? Do i really need a router, change/split that one /24 ip class and make routes from vlans to the fileserver or there is another way ? Maybe i need to setup vlans on the fileserver network interface? Which method is most used on enterprise environment (except throwing xp computers on the window) ?
I have only basic knowledge about vlans and any tips will be appreciated.
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Re: Multiple vlans and 2 servers

Tue Jul 30, 2019 9:46 pm


As I understand your goal, I would put the "old" devices in an isolated subnet / vlan and not allow any outgoing traffic. I would also put fileserver in there, so it's accessible to these devices.
Then within firewall only allow traffic to that fileserver's ip, using stateful firewall: so allow inbound but not outbound, from this vlan.

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