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RB96 won't factory reset

Wed Aug 07, 2019 7:51 pm

So, the situation is that I just upgraded the firmware on my hAP ac RB96 router. The manual says to hold reset until LED flashes. There are 8 LEDS but okay, I assume it's SFP since I don't have an ACT LED like all other available documentation states. My attempts so far have been holding the Reset button until SPF flashes before plugging in power and just after plugging in power. It still hasn't factory reset.

I work on a bunch of these routers and prepare them all the same way. This is the first, where something has gone wrong. The process is I connect to the router via LAN (no internet) and open winbox. I access the router with default login credentials. I upgrade the firmware, reboot, Reset Configuration (No Default Config) and reboot again. From there, I run a script that adds a password and configures the rest of the router, The step I'm stuck on is BEFORE the script. I just reset with no default config. I'm trying to access the router via Winbox and with the default credentials (that have not been changed) I'm getting a wrong username and password error.

I get the feeling I can just factory reset and run through the steps again but I can't even get to that point.

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