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How to set up a wireless signal repeater

Wed Aug 07, 2019 9:25 pm

I have a hAP ac router and a wAP. What I would like to do is have the wAP act as a wireless repeater from the hAP ac. Currently, we have an ethernet cable run between the hAP ac and wAP. There has to be a better way to accomplish what I want to do with less wires. I'd like to configure the wAP to receive the wireless signal from the hAP ac and rebroadcast that same signal. That way devices are still connected to the hAP. Basically every intuitive configuration route has been blocked by messages such as other tools running (6) and virtual is not supported. These are brand new devices right out of the box, so I haven't set up any tool to run that would interfere with setting up a signal repeater.

What I've tried to do in detail (both hAP ac and wAP open in seperate winboxes)
1. Set up a CAPsMAN on the hAP with just an SSID for testing everything else left default.
2. on the wAP, open Wireless Tables
3. Select Setup Repeater
4. Set Interface to wlan1
5. Set Address to MAC address of hAP (I've also tried using the MAC of the wAP)
6. Enter the SSID of the CAPsMAN I set up on the hAP
7. Select Start (I receive an error Couldn't start - other tool running (6))

The next thing I tried (vague instructions I found while googling how to set up a repeater)
1. Still in Wireless Tables
2. Click the Blue Plus button.
3. Select Virtual (as indicated by other documentation I found trying to google the answer)
4. Set MAC address to hAP (Also tried the wAP MAC address as well as leaving it blank)
5. Mode set to ap bridge
6. Set SSID to hAP Capsman SSID
7. Click Apply and then OK.
8. Setup Repeater
9. Use the new Virtual interface for the repeater.
10. Click Start ( Couldn't Start - not supported on virtual interface(6))

Can anybody link me to better documentation? Or perhaps point out where I messed up?

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