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interference of "stray signal" beyond the client ap?

Thu Aug 08, 2019 11:12 pm

a bit of a beginner question , i never thought about it.
let's say i have a ptp wifi link , does the remaining "stray signal" that goes beyond the client AP interfere with other networks far away or is considered noise?
i ran into a problem that someone made a PTP link that is crossing mine (and is using AC modulation while i'm using N with 16qam) - and that signal was just 5mhz away from my center freq and it literally killed my link. i had trouble even opening the home page of the AP (i could detect that link only on the AP side). after i moved 50mhz away my link is working happy again. is AC signal more "dense" so that it can competelly halt communication of a "less modulated" signal?

then again on a different link, my omnitik is high enough that it picks up a lot of stray signals (some even in the -70ish dB zone) but i never had any problem because of that, 5180mhz is extremely crowded but omnitik still manage to go 80mbit on that freq the same way it goes 80mbit on any other free frequency .

ps - how come i'm receiving beacons of networks which are ~150km away? i'm on the croatian side of the adriatic sea, and my sxt picks up at least 5-6 networks which clearly come from italy (other side of the adriatic sea, for those who don't know where it is) . it's mounted around 50m above sea level and just about 0.5km from the coast line. is such a reach normal in 5ghz? incoming signals are very low, -86 - 88dB .

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