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DHCP Server offered to APs but AP is searching

Fri Aug 09, 2019 6:03 pm


I just bought and installed a hEx PoE and 1x wAP ac + 1 x cAp ac

I set up both APs using the WISP AP quick set preset.

They basically both have a bridge with all lan and wifi interfaces in it, and a dhcp client on the bridge interface

The router's DHCP Server shows IP offered to them but they both display "searching" in the dhcp client status area.

When i turned off STP on wAP ac it instantly found the offer and got the IP, same for the cAP ac except that after a reboot i had to enable the STP again, it seems it doesn't really matter if STP is on (by on i mean RSTP) or off, just the process of changing it makes the dhcp client magically work.

I see no logic in this, what am i doing wrong?

Is it actually related to STP or something else? (anything that triggers the bridge to reload i guess?)

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