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Routing between PPTP VPN's

Fri Aug 09, 2019 8:55 pm

Hellow People!

I have a LAN-TO-LAN PPTP VPN between site A (Lan and
site B (Lan, the VPN endpoints are (Site A, is the server, an MK)
and the other end is (Site B an MK that is a client), LANs are routed to
ends of the VPN to be able to access from one to the other.

In site A, I have a mail server that site B uses from its PCs, it is accessible due to the mentioned routing.

On Site B, in the MK create a PPTP VPN server, which delivers ips from pool, and as a local adress
I have 192,168.6.1.

Well, a windows 10 connects to the PPTP server of site B, I add the route in windows10 so that the LAN of site B is accessible (route add mask, I can to access it correctly, but I need to access from this PC windows 10 to the Mails server in the Lan of Site A (, and this is where I have
problems, since I add the necessary route in widnows 10 (route add mask but I can't reach the mail server!

How should I resolve the issue?

Thanks! a lot!

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