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Network Segmentation

Sun Aug 11, 2019 5:38 pm

Good morning,

Want to segment our network to make is safer in a sense besides other actions needed BUT no use of vlan.

I want to use CRS switch and configure several bridges with certain port assigned and 1 of the ports connected to certain port on rb4011 and let my rb4011 router handle the DHCP for that certain bridge and firewall filtering between the different bridges.

Question is that possible or will i loose a lot in throughput doing so, we have only 30 PCs and some additional IP phones so i need one CRS 24 port switch and 1 CRS POE switch for the VoIP phones and disable ports that do not have VoIP phones.

The internet is ISP1 10Mb symmetric and ISP2 of 20Mb down and 5MB up and ISP3 for VoIP telephony is my idea, please advice if feasible with CRS switch wishing to keep things simple and if something very badly happens they will only need to connect the Service providers router and be up and running as normal except that the segmentation will be lost but not without internet completely.appreciate all help

I will ask in a different way ...

All my traffic currently passing through My RB4011 using port 1 as internet and 3 for LAN to dlink switch BUT if i like to replaced the dlink switch and use CRS324 that only have configured 3 different bridges with 8 ports in each bridge and each bride have 1 cable connecting to port 4 for bridige 1,port 5 for bridge 2 etc on RB4011 from the CRS324, the question will be ... will the users passing through CRS324 have an slower LAN speeds or will it be the same speeds as it is today when all trafficpasses through dlink switch today ?

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