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VLAN on WAN(Ether1) port

Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:28 pm

Hello! Please, help me with such configuration as you can see on attachment.
This is simplified config, after that i want to add a vpn server (with separate dhcp address pool) to access internal ( lan.

What i need:
1) WAN (Eher1) port should be with Vlanid 20 and with ip (my isp have 1:1 nat to this ip)
2) Eher2 port should have ip to access internal network (dhcp server for (yes /25) network we have on another router).

I tried to create this config using mikrotik default config adding VLAN to interfaces, but without luck. I stuck on assigning this VLAN to Eher1 interface.
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Re: VLAN on WAN(Ether1) port

Thu Aug 15, 2019 3:55 am

- add vlan interface on ether1, name it as you want, give it id 20
- add address on your new vlan interface (xx must be correct mask, you should have that from ISP)
- add default route with correct gateway (probably some 192.168.100.x, it's also part of info from ISP)
- if you use default config, add your new vlan interface to WAN interface list
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